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No renovation is complete without reliable, industry-leading electrical installations and top-of-the-line wiring. The certified electricians at DC Home Improvement know how important your home is, so we work with you from the design phase to putting the finishing touches on the lights and electrical wiring on your home additionremodel, or renovation. We make sure your home project or electrical installation stays on deadline, and ensure your design and budget stay on target with your expectations!

We will carefully inspect your home to determine what kind of electrical work and wiring you’re going to need for your renovation and work with you to design a layout that will best suit your requirements. We will work with you to install the necessary wiring.




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When you are ready to renovate or remodel your residential home or commercial property, DC Electrical Services is your go-to source for superb rewiring, add-ons, and upgrades. You cannot complete a kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel without help from a qualified and competent team of electricians. You need quality electrical services to maintain your safety, ensure the integrity of your property, and to make your new space as beautiful and functional as possible. Consider DC Home Improvement Electrical Services for your electrical renovations and remodels in Washington DC, Alexandria, and Arlington.

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During a renovation, you will likely encounter a wide range of electrical needs and puzzles to solve. From installing modern light fixtures to rewiring a kitchen, there are many reasons you may need an electrical contractor. DC Electrical Services has many years of combined experience with residential and commercial remodels. We know exactly what to expect and how to help. We’ll work with you to come up with the ideal electrical design and layout, showing you the plans for approval before starting on any work.

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With so many potential headaches when it comes to renovation and remodeling, shouldn’t your electricians know what they are doing? We think so! Our team handles all remodeling jobs, and we even provide 24-hour service for the most demanding projects. No matter the size or scope of the project, our licensed remodeling electricians can assist you and your contractor with making your dream space a reality.

Renovations can be complex; trust us to take care of electrical wiring so your home passes inspections. Our expert team works with you to find the most viable and attractive electrical options. Whether you want a new pendant light, dishwasher or outlet for your renovated space, we make it happen.

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If you’re expanding your home or adding on additional space, you may need an electrical panel upgrade or heavy-up. Newer electrical panels are designed with safety in mind to provide you with all the electricity you need. If you are renovating a home that is more than 20 years old, you will most likely need an electric panel upgrade or heavy-up for your remodel or home addition. Older electrical panels aren’t equipped to handle the amount of electricity used in modern homes, and over time electrical terminations and circuit breakers can become loose and become a fire hazard. Consult with one of our specialists to determine if you need an electrical panel upgrade or heavy-up for your home remodel.

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