Top Home Addition Contractor in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington


Top-Rated Home Addition Contractor in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington

Space is the most desirable quality of any home. Whether you’re a growing family or living a single lifestyle, you need enough room to relax, play, entertain, and enjoy.

When your home doesn’t offer enough space anymore, it can start to feel claustrophobic. And if that happens, your best option is always to add more. Compared to moving to an entirely new home, renovating your house to add an extra room or two has some tangible benefits, including:

• Less expense
• Substantial increase in future resale value
• No moving stress
• Full design control

By hiring an expert home addition contractor, you don’t need to leave the home you still love—you just let it grow with you.

Extend Your Indoor Living Space with a Home Addition

Are you in need of some extra space for your growing family but don’t want to move because you love your neighborhood? A home addition could be the perfect solution. Home additions not only provide homeowners with the extra space they need but also enhance the market value of the property. A home addition also allows you to change the things you don’t like about your home.

Best Home Additions Contractor in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington

DC Improvement is one of the well-established addition & remodeling contractors in Washington, Alexandria & Arlington that specialize in Washington DC home addition. We have been providing home additions, renovations, and remodeling in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington for a long time.

Best Kitchen Addition in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington

Do you need extra kitchen space? Then you can count us. As a top kitchen and bathroom addition company in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington we strive to make our clients’ dream kitchens a reality.

Best Bathroom Addition Company in DC, Alexandria & Arlington

Do you want to add a new bathroom to your house? Look no further than DC Improvement. We are a leading kitchen and bathroom addition contractor in DC, Alexandria & Arlington. We can make your bathroom addition process smooth and hassle-free.

The Best Home Addition Contractor in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington

Any type of construction, especially when it’s working with an existing house, is subject to some limitations. For example, the strength and load-bearing qualities of your foundation and frame need to be sufficient for any vertical additions. Otherwise, they might need to be reinforced at additional expense.

Existing plumbing and wiring will also have to be factored into the design, as will the size of your lot if you’re building outwards.

Disruptions to your home life will also have to be taken into consideration. Of course, our master builders at DC Home Improvement will do everything in our power to make this disruption as limited as possible. Even so, some home additions may require brief relocation.

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